Batch Oil Refinery Plant

Tinytech Udyog has the largest facility for manufacturing the Batch Type Oil Refinery Plants in India with a working experience of more than 3 decades!

Tinytech Batch Oil Refining Plant

Tinytech Udyog is a leading manufacturer and exporter of batch type oil refinery plants and occupies a prominent place. All the refinery plants designed and supplied by us have the low-operating cost and deliver the excellent refining solutions.

A batch type oil refinery plant is the most widely used system to refine different oils.  This type of refining process is generally used for smaller capacity plants ranging from 3 Tons Per Day to 30 Tons Per Day. The batch oil refining system is preferred because it is low cost and quite easy to operate. This makes the batch process economical, low capital oriented and more viable for use up to 30 TPD.

Process Description for Batch Type Oil Refinery Plant

Following are the basic processes of batch oil refining:

De-Fatting Section

The crude oil is pumped to Reactor Vessels from storage tank & it is treated with weak solution of suitable degumming agent for removing gums. Reactors are used to remove the FFA by adding neutral solution. Oil is heated by heating coils and stirred. The chemical reaction forms the soap stock. It is later settled and collected after several hours. The oil is then washed to remove traces particles and free alkali.

Bleaching Section

Neutral oil is heated in the bleacher pressure vessel to remove excess moisture and color. It is also treated with measured quantity of earth. After several hours of controlled process, the oil passes through a filter media to separate the spent earth. Oil obtained after bleaching is light in color and has good appearance.


The deodorization process removes odor from the oil to improve the quality of oil. The clean bleached oil is heated in deodorizer pressure vessel to remove all the odiferous material such as phenols, ketones, tocopherols, aldehydes etc. The oil is heated at high temperature for several hours under vacuum and steam is allowed to release. Entire process is under high vacuum and high temperature.

Cooling Process

The deodorized oil needs to be cooled at the atmospheric temperature to avoid oxidation. The deodorized oil is cooled in the heat exchanger cooler. The circulating coils take away the heat and the oil is cooled.

After cooling it will pass through polishing filter to obtain sparkling light color & odorless oil.

Dewaxing Process

Dewaxing is carried out for Sunflower and Rice Bran Oil as they contain waxes compared to other oil. This wax is removed by the dewaxing process. The oils are subjected to winterization process. The oil is first processed in the crystallizer where it is cooled by chiller. Low temperature results in crystal formation with final filtration process.

Once the process cycle is complete the oil obtained will be RBD oil. This can be used for packing or as final edible oil for cooking.

Available Capacity

  • 3-TPD
  • 5-TPD
  • 10-TPD
  • 15-TPD
  • 20-TPD
  • 30-TPD

Tinytech Udyog supplies batch type vegetable oil refinery plants with latest technology giving pure, refined, consistent and stable finished oil at output! Get in touch with us!