Coconut Oil Refinery Plant

Coconut Oil is light yellow color oil obtained by mechanical screw pressing of dried coconuts. Coconut Oil Refining Plant has the input as raw coconut oil and gives output as RBD coconut oil. We are leading manufacturers and suppliers of Coconut Oil Refining Plants to process the crude coconut oil into refined coconut oil.

We at Tinytech Udyog are determined to provide Coconut Oil Refinery Plants to process the Crude Coconut Oil into Refined Coconut Oil. Coconut Oil Refining can be done easily on our small scale refinery plants. Companies engaged in the production of coconut products can benefit much from our coconut oil refining machinery.

Some of the Health Benefits of Refined Coconut Oil

It is a vastly growing item in tropical climates and majority of the coastal countries consume coconut oil as their staple diet in their food. Refined coconut oil offers an extensive array of health benefits. There are plenty of impressive good things about this oil, some of which are:

  • Coconut Oil is a natural antimicrobial food and naturally has high lauric acid content, around 50%, which is a very rare and unique property of this oil.
  • Beneficial for Promoting Hearth Health
  • Coconut Oil Strengthens the Immune System of the Body
  • Provides better Skin Glow with Stronger Metabolism

Coconut oil is comprised of Medium Chain Fatty Acids, which are smaller than long chain fatty acids that are much more common to other vegetable and seed oils. MCFAs are easily digested and are sent directly to liver, where they are immediately converted into energy rather than stored as fat. Coconut oil is thus easy on digestive system.

Special Design Features of Tinytech Coconut Oil Refinery

We design and develop oil refinery units ensuring a long lasting performance for decades. Our ethics and morale have never been compromised on the points of quality & durability. This leads to great working of all our manufactured refinery plants. The same is with coconut oil refinery. There are various special features in our Tinytech coconut oil refinery which are distinguished from others. This makes our refinery plants unique for operations.

  • Independent Steam Agitation Distributors at Every Phase
  • Properly Selected Multiple Pumps for Precise Functionality
  • Safety features in Bleacher and Deodorizer Equipments
  • Large Valves for Faster Circulation System
  • Bigger Outlets for Full Drainage of Each Compartment
  • Optional Heat Recovery System
  • All Joints Completely Sealed
  • Strategically placed Manholes for Easy Servicing
  • More Number of Turns in Heating Coils for Faster Process Completions
  • High-Efficiency Vacuum System

Advantages of Tinytech Coconut Oil Refinery

  • Efficient Deodorizing of Coconut Oil
  • Lower Steam Usage Requirements
  • Reduced Temperature Achievement Leads to Less Fuel Consumption
  • Lesser Cross Contamination
  • High Heat Recovery
  • Superior Protection of Oil at each Stage
  • Best Quality RBD Coconut Oil