Cold Oil Press Machines

We are manufacturers and exporters of Rotary Cold Oil Press Machines. These are very specialized machines having deep connection to ancient times. In India and Southern Asian Countries, similar technology dates back to more than 500 years old. People have been using such machines since centuries.

Details on Cold Oil Press Machine / Rotary Cold Press

Rotary Cold Press is suitable to expel oil from oil seeds like white and black sesame, coconut, almond, peanut and other soft oil seeds. The extraction quantity of oil is less compared to the oil expellers but the advantage is that the oil has better aroma and fragrance. Moreover, the expelled oil from rotary cold press has a better nutritional value suitable for application of carrier oil for massage oil, herbal preparation and better therapeutic value. There is no heat addition nor any steam addition while crushing. This preserves the original contents of the oil.

We manufacture rotary cold oil press machine for getting the best ready to consume edible oil. The rotary cold press machine will be in a ready to start condition as it does not require any foundations or pre-installation.

The temperature involved in the rotary cold pressing technique is nominal room temperature. The nutrients and vitamins in the cold pressing are retained and the oil extracted is of highest quality that is best for the human health.

Our Rotary Cold Press Machine is suitable for extracting the Virgin Coconut Oil also. The coconut oil can be obtained by a very simple technology, and it produces a very high quality of coconut oil. The coconut milk can be obtained by using the fresh coconut meat which can be further utilized for VCO.

Main health benefits of using the cold pressed oils:

  • Supports and enhances the immune system of body.
  • Keeps the skin and hairs healthy
  • Leads to healthy metabolism
  • Eliminates the digestion problems.
  • Acts as a moisturizer for the skin.
  • Reduces the risk of heart disease and cancer.

Specifications of Rotary Cold Press

There are 2 different models of our rotary cold press according to the batch size.

Rotary Oil Press Model-2 MINI Model-3 MEGA
Electric Power 5 HP, 3-Phase, 410 V, 50 Hz 7.5 HP, 3-Phase, 410 V, 50 Hz
Machine RPM 32 to 34 RPM 36 RPM
Input Batch Quantity 8 to 10 Kg Max. 18 to 20 Kg Max.
Process Time Per Batch 30 to 40 Minutes 30 to 40 Minutes
Crushing Capacity on Continuous Basis 22-25 Kg / Hr 36-45 Kg / Hr
Oil Output As per oilseed As per oilseed
Oil Residue 10% to 11% 9% to 10%
Temperature Nominal Room Temperature Nominal Room Temperature
Weight of Machine 350 Kg 700 Kg

Prominent Features of Rotary Cold Oil Press Machine

  • Tinytech Rotary Cold Press Machine is the most scientific and most modern piece of technology.
  • It comes with ready Electrical Motor, Spares and Accessories, Pulley, V-Belts and Base Frame.
  • Reduction Gear Box ensures smooth operation and low noise working.
  • Pestle and mortar are very robust leading to negligible maintenance.
  • Pressure increasing device is through heavy spring and screw mechanism.
  • Very small shipping dimensions as it occupies a small space. Machine is portable.

Oilseeds Used

Our Tinytech Rotary Cold Oil Press Machine is best suitable for High Oil Content and Soft Oilseeds such as Sesame Seed Oil, Coconut Oil, Almond Oil, Peanut Oil, Mustard Oil, Rapeseed Oil etc.

Hard Oilseeds and Low Oil Content Oilseeds such as Soyabean, Cottonseed, Palm Nut etc. cannot be used.