Cooking Oil Refining

Different Cooking Oils & Fats

Cooking Oils are obtained from a variety of oilseeds and nuts. Most common types of oil-bearing seeds and nuts are Coconut, Corn, Cottonseed, Mustard, Palm, Palm-Kernel, Peanut, Rapeseed, Safflower, Soybean, and Sunflower, Canola, Castor etc. Other major specialty oils are obtained from Almond, Avocado, Jatropha, Shea etc.

All About Cooking Oil Refining

The process of Cooking Oil Refining is essential for various vegetable oils and fats or animal oils and fats to make them useful for the frying and salad dressing usages.

In Chemical terms, all oils are Tri-Glycerides. One Glycerin molecule combines with three Fatty-Acid molecules to form one Fatty-Acid Glycerin Ester. The oils are a blend of such different esters. Higher the number of double bonds between two carbon atoms, the greater is the extent of “unsaturated” fatty-acids in the fatty-acid profile of the oils. Unsaturated Oils and Fats are considered more desirable than saturated oils and fats from health point of view.

Purpose for Cooking Oil Refining

The extracted crude oils and fats have impurity content in them. These impurities can be of various different types such as Moisture, Insoluble Solids, Lecithins, Fatty Acids, Waxes, Compounds, Trace Metals etc. In order to improve the functionality of the cooking oils, they need to removed or reduced. Other direct characteristics of oils such as color, odor and taste are also considered impurities which need modification. This is the main purpose for refining the cooking oil.

Tinytech Cooking Oil Refinery

At Tinytech Udyog, we design and supply Cooking Oil Refining Plants which fulfill the above motive of impurity removal. Our cooking oil refinery is designed to have series of steps such as degumming (to remove gums), neutralizing (to remove FFA), bleaching (to remove color), deodorizing (to remove odor and taste), and dewaxing (to remove waxes).

We are prominent manufacturers and exporters of cooking oil refinery plants from India. Our support begins right from the initial planning stage to the final completion. Complete guidance is provided to clients at every phase in a transparent manner so as to create an environment of mutual trust and lifelong relations.