Edible Oil Refinery


What is an Edible Oil Refinery? As the name suggests, it is an Oil Refinery meant especially for Edible Oils. This means that an Edible Oil Refinery processes different types of edible oils on an integrated platform by carrying out a set of simultaneous processing on the food oils.

Edible Oil Refinery and Edible Oil Refining have been the areas of excellence for TINYTECH UDYOG. We are based in India and since 1990 we have been the Basic Designers, Manufacturers and Exporters of complete Edible Oil Refinery Plants to convert the crude oils into pure RBD oils.

Basics of Edible Oil Refinery

Crude Oils & Fats that are obtained after mechanical expelling or solvent extraction process contain several unwanted items in them. All of these must be either fully removed or partially reduced before human consumption. An Edible Oil Refinery removes these unwanted constituents and it can refine almost all types of oils. The refined oil quality depends on the type of crude oil and its chemical structure.

Let us get some more idea by understanding the components of the edible oil refinery plant.

The above photo shows the complete Edible Oil Refinery of 5-Ton capacity erected at our Tinytech showroom.

Edible Oil Refinery 5 Tons per day.

  • Neutralizer
  • Bleacher
  • Deodourizer
  • Cooler
  • Thermic Fluid Boiler
  • Oil Filter Press
  • Raw / Crude Oil Tank
  • Bleached Oil Tank
  • Soap Pan

Steam Generator and several process pumps are installed at their relevant places and are not visible here. The Barometric Condenser and Catchalls along with its 40 feet high tower will be erected outside the building area shed.

Description Process of Edible Oil Refinery

For refining the edible oil, there are basic processes in the refinery. Neutralization is the first process carried out in Neutralizer Equipments. Alkali reaction at 60°C under agitation removes the Free Fatty Acids (FFA). Generated soap stock by-product is allowed to settle for further collection into soap pans.

Neutralized oil is transferred to Bleacher where color of oil is removed by bleaching process with aid of bleaching earth or carbon. The oil heated up to 110°C by thermic fluid coils. Bleaching is done under vacuum and slow agitation. Bleached Oil is filtered on Press Filters or PLF to recover the spent chemicals.

Oil is further drawn to Deodorizer where oil temperature is raised up to 180 to 200°C. Live steam is sparged from steam nozzles inside the deodorizer and entire process is under high vacuum. This eliminates the odor from the oil. Cooler vessel has water circulating coils to take away heat and oil is cooled. Final filtration in Press Filter or Polish Filter gives refined and transparent color less oil.

Arrangement of Edible Oil Refinery

The arrangement of edible oil refinery equipments will vary according to its design and capacity. But to get a generalized idea, let us understand the arrangement of the 5-Tons Per Day Refinery Plant.
This 5-TPD refinery has equipments with batch size of 1700 kg each. There will be 3 batches of 1700 kg every 8 hours making the total to 5 tons in 24 hours.

  • The main refining vessels i.e. Neutralizers, Bleacher and Deodorizer are properly arranged on the first floor of the steel structure. These vessels are hanging on the steel structure. The soap pans are placed directly under both the neutralizers to collect the soap stock.
  • All equipments are connected and rested with the Pre-Fabricated Steel Structure. The size of structure is custom depending on the number of equipments chosen. First floor is 10 Feet above the ground level. The steel columns support the entire steel structure. Staircase, Railings, Support Beams etc. are part of the pre-fab structure.
  • The filtration equipments are arranged in the open space on the first floor along with the main vessels. The intermediate oil tanks such as Crude Oil Tank and Bleach Oil Tank are accommodated under the structure on the ground floor.
  • The Heat Exchanger Cum Cooler is arranged on the ground floor along with other important equipments such as Thermic Boiler, Steam Generators, Vacuum Pump, Process Pumps Electrical Panels, Refined Oil Tank etc.
  • A 12 Meter high tower made from steel is erected outside the building but nearer to the deodorizer. This Tower holds the Barometric Condenser which is used to create proper vacuum.
  • The pipelines are interconnected with the equipments within the edible oil refinery. Pipe Fittings, Valves, Flanges, Gauges, Accessories etc. are installed and fitted at their respective places.

Tinytech Udyog manufactures and supplies unique edible oil refinery with complete unique construction. Our refinery plants are specifically designed to give the minimum operation costs and maximum output results.