Palm Kernel Oil Refinery

Tinytech Palm Kernel Oil Refinery Plant is specially designed and built for processing the Palm Kernel Oil. As you know, palm kernel oil is also referred to as PKO. This oil is obtained from the kernel seeds of the oil palm fruit. The process of extracting the palm kernel oil is through mechanical pressing.

The output of seed extraction is the crude palm kernel oil (CPKO). This is dark yellow in color with several percentage of solid fraction content in it. This palm kernel oil solidifies in the cold climates and becomes extremely difficult to handle in such condition. In order to make it suitable, the palm kernel oil is refined on the palm kernel oil refinery. The refined palm kernel oil has appealing quality and never solidifies even in cold weathers.

We can provide Palm Kernel Oil Refinery setup to refine this oil. Tinytech has executed various palm kernel refinery units in different countries. Our kernel oil refining plant is equipped with necessary features so as to suite the requirements of the oil.

A unique feature of the oil palm is that it produces two types of oil such as, red palm oil from the fruit flesh and palm kernel oil from the seeds.

Have a look at some of the executed projects of palm kernel oil refinery plant by Tinytech in the below pictures to get idea.

Palm kernel oil is obtained from the kernel of the oil palm fruit. The oil composition of palm kernel oil is very different from that of the palm oil. Apart from the normal crude palm kernel oil, there are other 2 types of components obtained after palm kernel oil refining –

1) Palm Kernel Olein

This is the liquid component of the palm kernel oil obtained after refining.

2) Palm Kernel Stearin

This is the solid portion of the palm kernel oil obtained after refining.

Palm kernel oil, palm kernel olein and palm kernel stearin have various individual applications such as margarine making, confectioneries, bakery products, coffee whitener, biscuit cream; with little or no further processing. Palm Kernel Oil is also used in making of non-hydrogenated trans fat free margarine nowadays.

Sometimes when the refined palm kernel stearin is hydrogenated, it shows excellent results than cocoa butter. It is used as a substitute for this expensive cocoa butter. It has an excellent melting properties, Hydrogenated palm kernel oil has excellent melting properties along with good resistance to fat bloom and oxidation stress.

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