Customers in 50+ countries worldwide!

For over 30 years TINYTECH® has been designing, manufacturing and installing plants for customers in more than 50 countries across the world. We create precision solutions to meet widely varying customer-specific and regional situations and requirements.

Our Edible Oil Machinery & Refinery Plants are Working in following Countries:

  Afghanistan   Honduras   Nepal   Somalia
  Australia   Indonesia   New Caledonia   Sri Lanka
  Bangladesh   India   Niger   Sudan
  Benin   Ivory Coast   Nigeria   Tanzania
  Burkina Faso   Jamaica   Papua New Guinea   Thailand
  Burundi   Kenya   Philippines   Togo
  Colombia   Madagascar   Portugal   Trinidad & Tobago
  DR Congo   Malawi   Rwanda   UAE
  Egypt   Mali   Saint Lucia   Uganda
  Ethiopia   Marshall Islands   Samoa   USA
  Fiji   Mauritius   Saudi Arabia   Vanuatu
  Ghana   Morocco   Senegal   Vietnam
  Guyana   Mozambique   Seychelles
  Haiti   Myanmar   Solomon Islands

Our customers worldwide provide the best references for our services. Global footprints are the result of providing Tailored Solutions, Sound Advice, Economical Equipments and Robust Durability of our Refinery Plants and Machinery.

Round-the-clock service approach has helped in Outstanding Customer Satisfaction.