Acid Oil Making Plant

What is Acid Oil?

As we say from the name, Acid Oil Making Plant is a setup of plant and machinery to produce and make the Acid Oil.

Acid Oil is an important item which is used for soap making industries. In majority of the cases, the acid oil is derived from the byproduct of the refining process which is soap stock.

Process of Making Acid Oil

The soap stock generated from the refinery is collected into the reaction vessel and allowed to heat at a temperature of around 90 – 95 degrees Celsius in combination with the steam.

Acid media such as Sulphuric Acid or any other type of similar media is carefully added to the soap stock. The reaction time for this mixture is around 15-20 minutes. The immediate reaction of 15 minutes is very effective in the quality of the produced acid oil. Constant slow heating and boiling is done to the vessel for around 3 hours time period so that acid oil is split. Once the reaction is completed, the Settling Process takes place for couple of hours.

After the settling process, three different layers are produced as per below:

  • Top Layer – Acid Oil Layer
  • Middle Layer – Acidic Sludge Layer
  • Lower Bottom Layer – Acidic Water Layer

The acidic water from the lower layer gets discharged through the outlet valve to the acidic water storage tank. After this, second layer of acidic sludge is pumped into a sludge storage tank through a screw pump. At the last, the final layer, i.e. acid oil, is pumped into acid oil storage tank and the required Acid Oil is obtained.

Advantages of Tinytech Acid Oil Making Plant

  • Manufactured from High – Grade Raw Materials to Avoid Corrosion
  • Available in Stainless Steel as well as FRP Grade
  • Robust and Reliable
  • Mechanical Agitation for Uniformity
  • Lower Acidic content in Effluents
  • Lighter and Acceptable Color of Acid Oil with good properties
  • Simple Setup without involving any complex equipments and complex know how.

All the above salient features of our Tinytech Acid Oil Making Plant make it favorable to install and operate our machinery in combination with the existing refinery plant. The customers can avail both the solutions from us as a single manufacturer!