Laboratory Setup for Edible Oil

Laboratory Setup for Edible Oil is very important parameter for any Edible Oil Factory. Any company dealing with the business of edible cooking oils require the testing facility for determining the quality of their products.

At Tinytech Udyog we undertake complete service for offering the Laboratory Setup which includes all items necessary for oil testing. Being a complete Project Oriented Company, it is our endeavor to offer Full Solutions to our clients. Hence, along with the refinery machinery and equipments, we can help assist buyers to also provide the full range of laboratory items.

The Laboratory Setup is a comprehensive package of numerous items. The following 4 set of items are needed to complete the laboratory

  1. Equipments and Instrument Machines
  2. Full Glassware Items
  3. All Plasticware Items
  4. Laboratory Testing Chemicals and Consumables

Parameters Checked in Edible Oil Laboratory

The edible oil laboratory can check several physical as well as chemical parameters of the oil. The properties checked are dependent on the instruments purchased. Fully fledged laboratory can perform almost all parameters but simple laboratory can check only below important parameters such as

  • Acidity Content of Oil
  • Phosphorous
  • Soap PPM
  • Moisture & Humidity
  • Impurities
  • Peroxide Value
  • Iodine Value
  • Color
  • Smell / Odor
  • Saponification Value

Below are some of the pictures of Laboratory Setups for Edible Oil. You can get idea how the laboratory facility can be installed and constructed for your similar refinery project.

The civil room construction, water piping, sinks and basins, taps, gas heating, storage racks, electricity connection, chemist etc. have to be locally procured and arranged.

If you are interested to purchase laboratory instruments, glassware, plasticware or any chemicals, we can supply and offer the same. Kindly contact us for more details on the laboratory setup desired.