Polish Bag Oil Filters

TINYTECH Polish Bag Oil Filters are manufactured by us owing to its more usability in the edible oil refining field. They are available in Single Bag Design. Polish type filters are mainly used for post filtration or post refining process for fine polishing of the edible / vegetable oils before sending them for final packing line.

Our filters provide true depth of filtration ability.

Process of Polishing

The Polish Bag Oil Filters provide simple surface filtration for filtering suspended fine solids from liquids, and removing the trace contaminants. The filter bags are allowed to sit inside the metal basket which is sealed into the housing. The basket is fitted with quick opening type arrangement.

The Bags are the primary filtering elements here. The filter bags are made from different materials such as Polyester, PP, PPS or any special cloth depending on fluid. The cleaning of the filter bags is very simple as it can be removed easily without use of tools.

The pore sizes range from 5 microns to 50 microns depending on the requirements. The Dual bag filters of double polishers ensure continuous filtration with fewer changeovers.
Flow of contaminated liquid is from inside to outside of the bag. Filtration in bag filter is pre-dominantly surface filtration with a degree of partial depth filtration with felted media. All these contaminants are collected in the bag, simplifying disposable of bag and contaminant change out in allowing incineration.

Details of Polish Filters

Special Filter Cloth Resistance (Celsius) Up To 120
MOC of Housing MS or SS
MOC of Bags Non-Woven Polyester or Woven PP
Pore Size 5 microns to 15 microns
Filtration Area m2 0.125 to 0.50

Prominent Features of Tinytech Polish Bag Filters

  • Very economical in prices as compared to others.
  • Manufactured using High-Grade Raw Material
  • Appreciated by clients for Durability and Fine Finish
  • Gives Fine Polishing and Shining to Edible Oils
  • High Dirt Holding Capacity
  • Small pore sizes ensure complete removal of all solids and a clean final filtrate.
  • Easy and inexpensive to replace or change the filter bag cloths.

Applications of Polish Bag Filters

  • Our Tinytech Polishing Oil Filters are used extensively in Vegetable Oil Refinery Plants for the final polishing of refined oil after deodorization.
  • The Polish Oil Filters are also installed to filter the bleached oil after the Pressure Leaf Filter.
  • The RBD Edible Oils are allowed to pass through polishers before final packaging to remove the trace contaminants.
  • Also used between Post Cooling to Pre – Crystallization stage.

Longer Life for Filter Cloths due to “No-Tear phenomenon”