Thermic Fluid Boilers

Leveraging on our advanced functional facilities, we are immersed into offering a vast spectrum of Thermic Fluid Boiler Systems.

Our Thermic Fluid Boilers are available in Multi-Fuel Operations. They are offered in Solid Fuel Firing as well as Oil & Gaseous Fuel Firing. This gives advantage to clients to choose the economically viable fuel.

The Oil Fired Thermic Heaters are more compact and clean in system as compared to the solid fuel fired. The Oil Fired Heater Boilers are easy to handle and also easy to maintain.

The FBC Fired Thermic Fluid Boilers consist of a Radiative Heat Exchanger Coil, Convective Heat Exchanger Coil, HRU Unit, Controlled Fans, Pump etc. Here the thermic fluid travels through Pump in to the Convective H.E. and then into the Radiative H.E. to Final Process.

The heat transfer fluid is circulated into the closed loop system through the boiler and through the process equipments. It gives indirect heating to the element.

Boiler Details

Type :  Multi Pass Wet Back TFH System

Workable Fuels : LDO, FO, Coal, Lignite, Wood Logs, Wood Chips, Biomass Briquettes, Rice Husks, Groundnut Shells, Kernel Shells, Natural Gas etc.

Capacity Range: 1 Lac K-cal/hour to 10 Lac K-cal/hour

Maximum Temp:  300° C

Inclusions with our Tinytech Thermic Fluid Boiler Systems

The Thermic Boiler is the main component of the offering. Along with the boiler unit, there are various other components and equipments which are essential part of the system.

The complete system works successfully only if all the items are connected and provided. We at Tinytech therefore include the below items with the main boiler:

  • Thermic Boiler Feed Pump with Electrical Motor
  • Burner for Fuel Firing
  • Control Panel Board for the Entire System
  • Expansion Tank with Attachments
  • Safety Valves and Devices
  • Chimney Pipe for Flue Gases
  • Service Tank for Fuel Storage and Flow
  • Thermic Fluid Barrels

Avalibility Capacity for Thermic Boilers

Our Thermic Fluid Boilers are available in various capacities ranging from small capacity to large capacities. They are designed depending on the heat output capacity required. Each boiler has varied heat capacity and Tinytech can offer such TFH ranging from: 1,00,000 Kcal/Hr. to 10,00,000 Kcal/Hr.