Vertical Pressure Leaf Filters

Pressure Leaf Filters are pressure vessels with vertical mounted leafs accumulated on central outlet filter manifold. These filters are equipped with pneumatic vibrator and pneumatic controlled valve at bottom for quick release of cake – dry or wet. There are two types of filters classified according to shell design.

  1.  Vertical Pressure Leaf Filters.
  2. Horizontal Pressure Leaf filters.

We supply a range of superior quality pressure leaf filters that are extensively used in vegetable oil refinery plants.

Vertical Pressure Leaf Filters

The Tinytech Pressure Leaf Filter consists of Vertical Pressure Vessel with filter elements mounted vertically on common outlet manifold is known as Vertical Pressure Leaf Filter. In this the Filtering Leafs are clamped with shaft on top which is further extended to mount pneumatic vibrator, which is used for the cake discharge. A Butterfly valve is sandwiched between the conical bottom and discharge hopper which is operated electro pneumatically for easy discharge of cake or impurities.

For opening and closing the vertical pressure leaf filter it is provided with Eye Bolts and Devit Arm for the rotatable arrangement. This helps in removal of leafs for occasional cleaning purposes. A Vertical Pressure Leaf Filter has many advantages and reduces the operational costs heavily. Vertical leaf filter is an easy to operate apparatus that adds incredibly to the production capacity. It replaces the conventional filters.

Selection Criteria to use Vertical Pressure Leaf Filter

  • When minimum floor space is available. It is hanging type.
  • Where large filtration area is required.
  • When the liquids are volatile and may not be subjected to vacuum.
  • When high filtrate clarity is required.
  • When the cake may be discharged either dry or as a thickened slurry.
  • Used for filtration of liquids with ~7% suspended solids.

Application Areas

Our Tinytech Pressure Leaf Filter is useful in multiple applications.

  • Edible Oils – Crude Oil, Refined Oil etc.
  • Filtration of Carbon Black and Bleaching Earth in Edible Oil Processing
  • Post Bleaching, Post Cooling Applications in Refinery
  • Hydrogenation, Winterization and Fractionation Processes
  • Glucose, Sugar, Fruit Juice.
  • Organic & Inorganic Salts, Amines, Resins, Bulk Drugs.
  • 7)Chemicals and Oleo chemicals.

Advantages of our Tinytech Vertical PLF

  • Best suitable for Edible Oil – Crude Oil, Bleached Oil, Hydrogenated Oil Catalyst.
  • No spillage in Tinytech PLF due to closed and compact constructional operation.
  • Drastically reduced recurring expenses due to no filter cloth requirement.
  • Increased daily production due to high rate of filtration.
  • Very economical and user friendly approach for our Tinytech Leaf Filters.
  • Replaces the conventional type filter press and eliminates re-opening process.
  • Filtering Mesh and Leaves are made of Stainless Steel (SS) grade.
  • Completely closed filter body effects safe operating condition at higher temperature.

Size and Capacity

Our Leaf Filters are available in various different sizes and capacities to suite the requirements of different applications.

Model No Area (m2) No of Leaves Tank OD (mm) Leaf Height (mm) Leaf Pitch (mm) Cake Volume (ltr)
VPLF/5/5 5 5 780 920 70 125
VPLF/10/9 10 9 900 920 70 250
VPLF/15/9 15 9 1100 1220 70 375
VPLF/20/11 20 11 1100 1220 70 500
VPLF/24/11 24 11 1340 1220 70 600
VPLF/30/15 30 15 1220 1220 70 750
VPLF/40/15 40 15 1500 1220 70 1000
VPLF/50/17 50 17 1500 1400 70 1250
VPLF/60/17 60 17 1500 1800 70 1500
VPLF/70/17 70 17 1650 1800 70 1750