Crude Oil Storage Tank

We propose Crude Oil Storage Tanks only for the Crude Edible and Crude Vegetable Oils.

Once the crude oil is extracted from the Oil Milling Plants, it requires immediate bulk storage facility. The output filtered oil is passed to the storage area. Our crude oil storage tanks are made from steel and fully welded to ensure zero leakages.

At Tinytech Crude Oil Storage Tanks are manufactured as per International Standards. In the construction of crude oil storage tank, the most common standard in the world are API650, other standards have GB50341, BS2654, JIS B8501, etc.

Choose your Suitable Crude Oil Storage Tanks Types

In general, crude oil storage tank has two kinds, fixed roof vertical tank and fixed roof cubical type. Fixed roof tank is usually used when the quantity of crude oil is not too large.

The crude oil storage tanks can be installed inside the building as well as it can be installed in open. Practically all types of crude oils can be handled such as Palm Oil, Sunflower Oil, Soya Oil, Nigerseed Oil, Coconut Oil, Cottonseed Oil, Groundnut Oil, Linseed Oil, Rapeseed Oil, Sesame Oil etc.

If you have a need of crude oil storage tanks, please feel free to contact us, and then our engineers will come up with a detailed storage solution for your particular conditions.

Steps for Completion

Following steps are mainly used while working on the crude oil steel tanks:

  1. Crude Oil Storage Tank Design
  2. Crude Oil Storage Tank Manufacturing
  3. Crude Oil Storage Tank Installation
  4. Final Usage Application

Types of Storage Tanks

Most of the oil storage tanks fall under one category. The Types of storage tanks can be divided in accordance with the position, shape, and structure of storage tank as per below:

  • According to the Position: Aboveground storage tank, Underground storage tank.
  • According to the Oil Type: Crude oil storage tank, edible oil tank, water tank, etc.
  • According to the Application: Industrial Storage Tank, Commercial Storage Tank.
  • According to the Shape: Vertical Storage Tank, Horizontal Storage Tank.
  • According to the Structure: Cylindrical, Cubical, Spherical etc.
  • According to the Capacity: Small Storage, Medium Storage, Large Storage Tanks