Horizontal Oil Storage Tanks

Horizontal Oil Storage Tanks have the Horizontal Axis of Orientation for the tanks. Such horizontal tanks may be used for lesser volume needs and smaller quantity of fluid to be handled.

The horizontal oil storage tanks are suitable for smaller capacity refinery plants or even suitable for oil milling plants. They can be directly placed indoor. There is also a possibility for the Compartments to be installed the horizontal long tank so as to separate the storage.

At Tinytech Udyog, we can provide Horizontal Oil Storage Tanks with holding capacity ranging from 1 – Ton to 25 – Tons. They are made cylindrical in design to distribute the load on side walls equally.

Every Tank that Works for you!

Material of Construction for Horizontal Oil Storage Tanks:

Similar to the vertical tanks, the MOC of horizontal oil storage tank also depends on the application and the type of fluid handled. We can provide the same in Carbon Steel as well as Stainless Steel.

Advantages of Tinytech Horizontal Oil Storage Tanks:

The below are some of the prominent advantages of using our Tinytech Horizontal Oil Storage Tanks:

  • Can be Accommodated inside the Factory Building
  • Away from Direct Rain Water and Atmospheric Contact
  • Can be exported inside the Containers
  • Ready to use directly on site
  • Available in MS as well as SS options
  • Heavy Duty Support Saddles
  • Robust and Durable
  • Easy for Cleaning

Following pictures of our Tinytech Horizontal Oil Storage Tank at different stages of manufacturing and installation.

When working with our customers for their custom welded steel storage tank, we will firstly design based on the requirements of our customers, with our professional considerations, an optimal solution will be determined eventually. Our welded steel tank team has multiple installation experiences, which are all accumulated from years of experiences in welded steel storage tank service. Tinytech will work with you to ensure that each of welded steel storage tank you purchase is compatible for the products you wish to store!

Our team can undertake complete Turnkey Handling for the Horizontal Oil Storage Tanks from Scratch to Finish. Our technicians can also travel overseas for the said work and provide the on-ground support.