Refined Oil Storage Tank

Refined Oil Storage Tanks primarily hold the RBD Refined Edible Oils after completion of the crude oil processing. The refined oil is the output product of the Vegetable Oil Refinery Plant. The final RBD clear oil has to be stored in the storage tank before it can move further for packing and filling.

So Refined Oil Storage Tanks are very important for the refinery plant.

Customers having a refinery project can plan to setup the Refined Oil Tanks for easy storage of oils. Tinytech Udyog will execute the tank making with on site fabrication and send the experienced technical team for the complete work.

Specifications of Refined Oil Tank Construction

  • Raw Material Selection and Sorting
  • Steel Plate Cutting and Machining Work
  • Prefabricating Work of Storage Tank
  • Storage Tank Assembly
  • Welding Inspection and Testing

All tanks manufactured by our company are 100% leak proof. There is heavy full welding on double sides followed with V-Grooving for thick metal plates.

Following are the benefits of our Refined RBD Oil Storage Tanks:

  1. Ecology-Friendly and Cost-Saving Construction
  2. Durable and Strong
  3. Efficiently used in all kinds of Weather
  4. Safe and relatively Easy Operation
  5. Stainless Steel surface releases no harmful materials to edible oil. ensuring safety and quality products.

Tank Accessories

There are several accessories available / provided along with the refined steel oil tanks such as:

  • Manhole
  • Flame Arrester
  • Breathing Valve
  • Cleaning Hole
  • Air Vent
  • Spiral Stairs
  • Liquid Level Gauge
  • Catwalks
  • Support Systems
  • Ladder and Railings