Vertical Oil Storage Tanks

As the name suggests, Vertical Oil Storage Tanks have the Vertically Erect Orientation of the tanks. These are the most widely used oil storage tanks due to the advantage of vertical space and more volume accommodation.

Tinytech Udyog offers full solutions for constructing and erecting Vertical Oil Storage Tanks. All the vertical oil storage tanks that we make are from either Mild Steel or possibly from Stainless Steel as per the choice of the client.

We are specialist in large vertical steel storage tank manufacturing,  with the ability of custom or one-stop turn-key project, you will receive the best quality large steel storage tank with a competitive quote, services range from steel storage tank design, raw-material purchase, pre-process, to field construction, accessories installation , tank painting, and after-sale service. Our team of engineers will carefully design the Bottom, Multiple Shell Layers and the Top Portions for the tanks.

Material of Construction for Vertical Oil Storage Tanks

The MOC for vertical tank depends on the number of tanks to be installed as well as it depends on the type of feed material to be stored. Some of the crude oils are workable with MS. But certain high quality edible products have strict food regulation to be made from SS.

We offer Vertical Tanks in Mild Steel Construction as well as Stainless Steel Construction. The grade for SS will be SS 304.

Holding Capacity Ranges from 20 – Tons to 500 – Tons

The below are some of the prominent advantages of using our Tinytech Vertical Oil Storage Tanks:

  • Can be Accommodated in Less Area
  • Does not block Factory Internal Floor Space
  • Suitable for Large Volumes
  • Capacity can vary from 20-Tons to 500-Tons
  • Available in MS as well as SS options
  • Longer Life of minimum 20 years
  • Very Strong Construction
  • Round-Way Staircase for Easy Climbing
  • Sufficient Sized Manholes and Entry Gates for Maintenance
  • Appealing Design and Color Painted

Below are some of the pictures of our work installation for vertical oil storage tanks at different locations.

Optional Item: Plate Bender Machine for Oil Storage Tanks

If the Bulk Tank volumes are big, we can also offer Plate Bending Machine and supply from India so as to fabricate the tanks directly on site. This speeds up the work and gets completed with dimensional accuracy at client’s factory.

Our team can undertake complete Turnkey Handling for the Oil Storage Tanks from Scratch to Finish. Our technicians can also travel overseas for the said work and provide the on-ground support.